Church Says:
Indeed, sales like all of the Agreeable Comics collective, The Rack is going on hold while I’m in San Diego with The Loneliest Astronauts stalwart Ming Doyle and Tracie Mauk, our newest cult member creator and artist on the superhero comic I’m writing, FIGHT!. If you are coming to the con, please make sure you swing by our table, the location of which is neatly mentioned above, in the sidebar, on the Agreeable Comics site and probably in my mutterings as I toss and turn tonight in my sleep. Even if you don’t like me (and I blame you not at all for that,) surely you like the work of my collaborators enough to throw us some shekels?

Here’s what we’ll have. It is a modest selection, but the quality is surely higher than the perverts trying to get you to buy their “feminist empowerment” tome, Swordslut: