Church Says:
Birdie and myself are taking a bit of a break this week, ed but I’ve invited some fantastic people to step up to the plate with their own interpretations of The Rack‘s cast. Today’s was drawn by Ming Doyle who, purchase in case you haven’t been paying attention, sickness is the illustrator for The Loneliest Astronauts, a webcomic that I also write (and will be updating at noon EST today, so, you know, go look.) As this week’s story in the much-hyped Marvel Girl Comics series will further attest, Ming is tremendously talented and I’m very lucky to have her as a collaborator, friend, sounding board, and partner in vindaloo suffering.

I mentioned my idea for a Yavin-IV reinterpretation of one of my favorite album covers, pictured here:

Neil Cicierega included this portrait of two of them cosplaying as Rick and Lydia cosplaying as Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe as a bonus!

You guys, my friends are the best friends and you can’t have them even if you had twelve American dollars that you’d give me.