Church Says:

We have suffered what is in the parlance referred to as “A catastrophic technical failure” during a relatively routine upgrading of The Rack‘s WordPress installation.  We’re currently re-importing the older comics and will soon have something resembling the old site.  However, purchase all of the original blog posts from the time period, and their comments, have shuffled off this mortal coil.  Let us begin anew, then.  A new era, free of context, where you can dive in and not be reminded that I am, in fact, a massive jerk and Birdie is far, far too kind to put up with me.

This is what happens when I say “Hey, maybe we should have comments on the strips again,” isn’t it?  Yes, I’m blaming it all on you.

(And yes, Jerry saw Star Trek IV. He just didn’t retain any of the lessons from it.)