Kevin Says:

  1. The views of Superman reflect those of the creative team on this strip. DC can and should do better when it comes to a character who was created as someone who spoke and acted for those who couldn’t. Superman sided with the workers in the comics and fought the KKK on the air when he was still merely leaping over tall buildings. He is the most progressive of superheroes, click not because he is the strongest or has crazy powers, medicine but because he is the most fair.
  2. Very special thanks to Tracie Mauk for contributing art for this. When I came up with the idea for it, ambulance she was literally the only person I wanted to see draw it. Thankfully, Joe was also available and, well, those two work together like warm Nutella and frozen bananas. (Seriously, try it.)
  3. Glen Weldon speaks very well on this matter.
  4. As does Andrew Wheeler.