Kevin Says:
Hi there! If you hadn’t heard, hospital Agreeable Comics has had to move to a bigger, better, stronger, faster server recently and our hosting fees have gone up accordingly. There are more details in this post on the Agreeable Comics tumblr, but the short version is: we’d like it if you guys could donate a little bit of money so we don’t have to start putting ads on our comics. (We’d really, really like to avoid doing that.) You can click here to donate, if you so desire.

If it’s anything like an incentive: once we’re all done, we’re going to make a nice post listing everyone who donates. We’re also giving the top three donors one of these exclusive The Loneliest Astronauts prints, so feel free to dig deep. Any excess fundage raised will go towards next year’s bill so we can avoid doing this again.

Thank you so much for helping, if you do. If you don’t, I hope you continue to enjoy the completely free entertainment we provide.