Kevin Says:
Oh, look hi there! It’s been a few weeks, prescription hasn’t it? Let’s approach this bullet-point style so you guys don’t get bored too quickly.

  • HeroesCon 2012 was the first time that the current The Rack crew were all in the same place at the same time. My only regret is that we didn’t get to have an just-us drinking fest so Birdie and I could tell Joe how great he is and what he adds to the strip.
  • What was up with people buying copies of our ancient The Rack: Year One paperback? Jeez! I mean, yeah, thank you, but we’ll do our best to have a new, better package out soonish.
  • Speaking of you guys, thank you everyone who came by the table and talked about the current storyline. We know it requires some patience, but the fact that people are engaged by what we’re doing right now means the world to us.

OK, there. That was painless, right? We’ll see you next week, right? Right.