Kevin Says:
And so, site the second “real” day of the con starts. Here’s where things start to get more dramatic and we promise you’ll want to come back…in a couple of weeks. yes, treatment there’s a hiatus coming up, ask but there’s a good reason.

We’re going to Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina next weekend, where several Agreeable Comics creators will be on site to assist you in your support of our community through financial compensation. I’ve created a graphic that you can print out, store in your wallet, save to your phone, what have you. (You could also, I dunno, write down the information? Do people do that?)

I’m very excited about meeting Joe for the first time and eager to see what he’s bringing to the show. You’ll note that Ming Doyle is over away from the hooligans at Agreeable Comics and Action Age. Do me a favor: don’t ask her about The Loneliest Astronauts book. We’re working on it. I’ll be talking to a designer that weekend I hope to line up.

You’ll also notice the name “Grace Allison,” who many of you will be unfamiliar with. Go by her table. See her work. She might well have a postcard that would indicate why I added her (and her excellent companion Rich Ellis) to this list of tables of interest. It might well be about a thing I am very excited about.