Kevin Says:
Hi there! This strip is early because that’s just how we roll now, cialis it seems. Anyway, thanks to everyone who stopped by at Boston Comic-Con. We’re going to be putting our heads together to figure out how to get The Rack into some sort of you-get-to-pay-us-to-read-it format soon. It may be just a big .pdf or .cbr omnibus sort of thing covering the first five years (!!!) of the strip or somesuch. As it is, there are too many odd formatting issues for us to be able to work on a print version, considering how relatively low our numbers are. (In other words, the time sunk into it would not be profitable. We are not PVP or Sailor Moon Ecchi Fantasy Squad.

However, Agreeable Comics does have some new books in print that you can buy! First up is the collectedShe Died In Terrebonne, which I made up this nice graphic for, featuring praise from two people that you might have heard of before:

Secondly is The Line: Volume 1, available over at the Agreeable Comics shop.

I am actually pretty proud of both of these and would greatly appreciate your support.