Kevin Says:
Oh, thumb hi there! You might be reading this on Thursday afternoon because I felt like putting it up early. Aren’t Birdie and Joe killing it on the strip of late? They are, ambulance and you should make sure you praise them whenever you get a chance.

Anyway, cialis this weekend is the Boston Comic-Con, where Agreeable Comics will be ensconced in Artist’s Alley, table AA103. There, you can finally give in and buy that copy of Lydia you’ve been putting off, along with (hopefully, if USPS does its job and it would be great if they did) The Line: Volume 1. T.J. Kirsch will be at the table as well, doing sketches for your money and signing copies of our graphic novel / comic book series She Died In Terrebonne. There will also be the usual swag and a few of our tote bags.

There. Now you have no excuse for not coming by unless you just absolutely hate me. Which, as I’ve come to understand, most of you do.