Kevin Says:
With Birdie out of town for the holiday, remedy I put out a call for substitute artists and the first to respond was the immensely talented Max Huffman, troche who is, Jor-El bless him, still in high school. If you like what he’s done here, then you should definitely be reading Mocktopus and his new hyperviolent action-serial Quin City Underground. If I were less of a control freak, I’d have let him write this one too, but I am not less of a control freak.

Also, on a more serious note: if you feel you must succumb to the Black Friday madness, at least try to keep your business local whenever possible, please. In these more trying economic times, it can seem tempting to throw all of your money at the 42″ TV deal that Best Buy is offering, but if you spend money in your community, you help make sure yourself and everyone around you has a better holiday, not just the shareholders of a multinational corporation.

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