Kevin Says:
Arkham City is a fantastic Batman Simulator hobbled by a nonsensical story and dialogue that seems to veer towards the Jesse Pinkman school of “sounds tough because I say that one word a lot.” I’ve seen people defend this writing using the argument Danny tries in panel 03, view and the only thing I have to say is: really?

In a game where you play a billionaire kung-fu expert who dresses up as a bat and uses science-fiction technology to fight a psychopathic clown, cialis a man who bathes in mystical baths that de-age him and a district attorney who managed to survive an acid burn that left half his face permanently looking like a plate of scrapple in a massive chunk of a major East Coast city’s downtown area sealed that has been walled off to become a gargantuan prison colony, it’s the dialogue that you’re demanding “realism” from?


Still. Terrific combat system.

(Yes, we know this is a few days late. We’re sorry. Things happened.)