Kevin Says:
We apologize for skipping this Wednesday, cure but external factors came into play that we were unable to avoid. To make up for this, viagra Agreeable Comics is going to let you get your hands on the digital edition of Lydia for half-price through the weekend.

That’s right, just $2 will get you the a PDF or CBZ of the entire run of the The Rack spinoff Lydia plus an all-new, exclusive-to-the-book 24-page story entitled “Let Them Eat Cake”*. If you enjoy The Rack, then you’re likely to enjoy the story of what happens when Lydia Park joins the corporate world. Probably. Even if there’s fewer jokes about Wolverine.

Click here to buy.

(*Seriously. We will not be putting it online. Ever. Max Riffner worked very hard on it and deserves some sort of reward for his efforts.)