Kevin Says:
Here, search I made it easy for you:

We’re right next to Ming Doyle, who will have nice things for you to look at as well, including the new The Loneliest Astronauts prints. Also, please note that Birdie and myself will be appearing on this panel, Sunday morning, 11:30 AM.

WEB COMICS–Group Effort
Room 206
Meet the Small Press groups who have developed their own multi-strip brand: Curt Franklin, Chris Haley, Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, Mike Maihack, Kevin Church, and Benjamin Birdie will sit down and talk to Comic News Insider’s Jimmy Aquino about creativity in the Small Press World.
I hope we can find someone to watch our table. (This is a hint. If you can do that for an hour or so on Sunday and I know you, let’s talk at the show.)