Kevin Says:
I’m going to do this bullet-point style because that’s what the kids want.

  • Very special thanks to Sandra Lanz for helping me out with this strip. I met Sandra at the most recent Boston Comic-Con and immediately wanted her as part of Agreeable Comics Substitute Creator Squad Alpha. She’s enormously talented (as you can see) and I’m pretty, cialis sale pretty sure I’m going to find more for her to do in the near future. In the meantime, you can see the pinup she did during The Line’s hiatus and check out her website. Publishers: she’s available. I’m just saying.

  • Very, very special thanks to Bethany Fong (aka Betty Felon) for agreeing to appear in our strip. I’ve known Bethany for a few years now and her infectious enthusiasm and ability to work her love of comics into every aspect of her life have left me both dazed and confused, in a good way. She’s all over the web, but Rack fans will probably get the most out of her Fashion Tips From Comic Strips tumblr.

  • No, not every comics shop needs to read this as something directed against them. A truly stupefying number of them do, however.

  • Benjamin Birdie and myself are at Heroes Con right now, as you read this! We’re in the Small Press section at table 629, right next to The Loneliest Astronauts artist Ming Doyle! We’ll have a small inventory of The Rack: Year One available at a heavy discount, along with other Agreeable Comics goodies that you’ll want to pay money for.