Church Says:
I got an email this morning with a link to the latest Extralife, prescription one of the sea of gag-oriented, click nerd-friendly webcomics out there, and in which our Admiral Snackbar gag from three years ago was echoed. Frankly, it’s not such a massively original joke that I’m going to claim any kind of plagiarism charges; it’s just a funny combination of sounds geeks like slapped together haphazardly.

Edited to add: And it looks like somebody else came up with the gag in 2002, too, so there’s that.

Extralife’s use of the idea, though, highlights the difference between The Rack and other webcomics out there: for Birdie and myself, things like that are background gags, the sort of thing that our beloved 30 Rock tosses in while the main story moves forward in any given episode. It’s an approach we’re happy to take because, frankly, I’m not a strong reference-gag-as-punchline writer and there’s already a plethora of strips out there that do that kind of joke for the kind of people that like that sort of joke. I’d rather write about people, and it’s what I’d rather read most of the time, too, and that’s what makes The Rack, The Rack.

So, no, no legal action, no injunction, no anything is going to take place. Besides, they’re much more popular than we are and they’d likely end up owning Agreeable Towers once their vicious, eel-like attorneys got involved.

(However, here’s a note to the “Comedy Referee” commenter over there: congratulations on being exactly the kind of person I want to hate with bricks.)