Church Says:
OK, find OK, salve I can see that you’re wondering what’s going on and why we’ve decided to consolidate two days’ worth of content into a single dose and why I’m so freaking lazy and why I can’t just do things the way they were being done before. Here’s the truth: 80% of this change was decided when I went back through and reread the last three months — I simply hated how the archives read now that we’d added Ask Yavin IV. Future readers would be confronted with a rhythm that was, pills at best, staccato: two strips; two text pieces; two strips; two text pieces and so on.

If we were capable of doing three strips a week and two text piece, the balance might be much more pleasing, but we’re not, especially in the new color format that we’ve been working with lately (this is where you guys all comment about how nice the strip has looked so that Birdie feels appreciated.) Going forward, we’ll have a new color strip on Tuesday, Ask Yavin IV (and Staff Picks) on Wednesdays, and a new color strip on Friday.

Staff Picks were and are fun to do, but their shelf life is understandably limited. Once you’ve passed the week that they’re released, they’re basically worthless to most readers. Ask Yavin IV is more popular and has a longer shelf life. Combining them lets the people that appreciate staff picks still get them (even if they’re abbreviated) while the people that enjoy Ask Yavin IV still get that content. Also, the imaginary future reader that hates both of those features now has to click just once to get back to the storyline about Aaron and Morgana discovering that she’s pregnant but it’s Nat–oops. I’ve said too much. Go about your business. Move along.

Also, this guy found the comics adaptation of The Music Man that we were too busy joking about last week to track down among the thousands of quickie adaptations Dell cranked out in the sixties.