Kevin Says:
Oh, diagnosis look what’s in the sidebar there! We’ve not officially put it on sale yet as we’re waiting for Boston Comic Con to do that thing, but I thought you guys would appreciate the ability to click on a thing to look at a thing. That’s what makes the web work, after all. As you can see (if you did, indeed, click,) this is an 8″×10″ version of the first two story arcs featured on this site, along with copious bonus materials to push the page count by an additional one-third or so. If you buy the print version of the book, we’ll also give you access to PDF and CBZ versions for your iPads and other devices, completely free. (And yes, we’ll have PDF and CBZ versions to purchase on this site very shortly as well.)

Special thanks to Johanna Draper Carlson for mentioning the book on her site, Comics Worth Reading!