Church Says: While there’s nothingĀ in print yet for The Line, advice I’d like to ask you to visit the Agreeable Comics webshop and pick up the print or digital editions of The Rack and Lydia: The More Than Complete Edition, the two sister strips to This One. The Rack is currently available only in print, but the Lydia collection is available in print for $10 or in PDF and CBZ formats for your PC, iPad or other digital device for just four dollars.

While The Rack: Year One is fairly self-explanatory, the other book not only collects the entirety of the webcomic I made with Max Riffner, Lydia, it also featuers an all-new, full-length, book-exclusive 24-page story entitled “Let Them Eat Cake” that I think is the funniest thing I’ve written so far. It’s also got pinups by JustJENN, Cathy Leamy and Ming Doyle along with a short strip written by me and drawn by FIGHT! artist Tracie Mauk and an introduction by Sarah Kuhn. Here’s a preview of the new story with a big huge “buy” button at the bottom to help you along your way.