Kevin Says:
A few of you brought up the fact that we had nothing like this on the site, purchase so here you go, something like this. To keep it lean-ish and mean-ish, we stuck to the staff of the restaurant itself because that’s who this comic is really about, no?

Also, and I really hate to tell you this: our between-arcs hiatus is going to go on a bit longer than we initially planned. There’s some stuff happening and ducks aren’t quite in a row, but we’re looking at probably the middle of August now. In the meantime, we have a archives linked on the left that you can share with your friends so we can get more readers for this thing. Doesn’t that sound like fun, gang? Huhn? DOESN’T IT?

Finally, if you haven’t heard, I’ve got a new comic series debuting on Comixology on July 17th. It’s called Wander and it’s being published by Monkeybrain Comics. There is a preview strip here and I’m sure there will be more stuff hitting the internet soon to get you excited. If you enjoy The Line but wish it had more elves and fewer chefs, then this should be up your alley.