Agreeable Comics at Boston Comic Con 2011

Just one more reminder: Ming Doyle, T.J. Kirsch and But zithromax online without a prescription Kevin Church will be at the Boston Comic-Con this weekend, taking up a luxuriant two tables in Artist’s Alley (just look for the banner). We’ll have the usual Agreeable Comics goods on offer, along with some freebies. We’ll see you there.

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Agreeable Comics at the Boston Comic Con

We’re super-excited to Buy zithromax announce that we’ve just received the email with our table assignment for this weekend’s Boston Comic Con. We’re in Artist’s Alley, tables 101 and 102, which we think means we’re near the end. We’ll have books, totes, buttons, prints and more on sale there.

Or you can just hand us some money. We’re not too proud to beg*.

(*note: T.J. Kirsch is, in fact, too proud to beg.)

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The new Agreeable Comics shop is live!

Following the trends that everyone else has laid down, I’m moving the Buy viagra no prescription Agreeable Comics shop over to BigCartel. We’re also going to start offering digital versions of Buy viagra no prescription our webcomics collections and to kick things off, the horror short “Copy Protection” is just $1.

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Kevin Church and T.J. Kirsch interviewed at Avoid The Future

If you would like to read about our influences and the future of Sam Kimimura, then you should probably click here.

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Agreeable Comics at SDCC 2010

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Two Interviews with Agreeable Comics Head Guy Kevin Church

The first one is over at Battlemouth and offers up a preview of a new Agreeable Comics title.  The second one is up at Bostonist and goes into a bit more detail about some of the same material.  Thanks to Zak and Flagyl 200mg Jim for asking questions and letting me answer them!

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And this is our new freebie button, available in four colors.

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New Buttons we’ll be selling beginning this Free Comic Book Day

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Free Comic Book Day 2010

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Agreeable Comics at the Boston Comic-Con

Hey, Kevin Church here. Just a quick post to Levitra price tell you how excited I am about this weekend’s Boston Comic-Con at the Westin Boston Waterfront.

We’ll have the print edition of The Rack: Year One (Mostly) along with the soon-to-be-sold-online floppies collecting the first batch of strips for She Died In Terrebonne and The Loneliest Astronauts. Ming Doyle and TJ Kirsch will both be present and they’re going to be creating special sketch cards for those who might want to purchase such a thing to show their support for either comic (or both!) and you’ll be able to pick up buttons and postcards if you want to, you know, be cheap about the whole thing. You’ll also have the chance to pick up some of TJ and Ming’s other works as well and maybe, if you’re nice, get a sketch!

If you’re coming already, please swing by and Cialis order show your support! If you’re undecided, check out the roster of guests.

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