We’re offering pay-what-you-want versions of three Agreeable Comics collections!

We’ve really been impressed with what we’ve seen from Gumroad and how comics creators have managed to leverage it to get more copies of their work into people’s hands. It’s simple, viagra fast and makes selling a breeze. That’s why we’re getting on board and giving you access to three of our most popular collections! The suggested price is $1 each, troche but you can pay as much (or as little) as you want for bundles that include both the .pdf and .cbz versions of these series!

Buy Links:
The Line: Volume 1
She Died In Terrebonne
Lydia: The More Than Complete Edition

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You Did It!

The Agreeable Comics 2012 Hosting Bill Begathon Is Over! The following individuals each donated something to help us keep the lights on and the content flowing free of advertisements! Not only did we manage to pay off the 2012 hosting bill in less than a week, doctor we’re now forty bucks into 2013’s bill. Pretty neat, huh? We’re glad you like us as much as we like you.

If you don’t see your name among them, either we made a mistake or you did by not donating.

Timothy Bishop
Susan Broman
Rebecca Brooks
Alberto de Jesus
Daniel Cleri
David Dingman
Brad Fox
Chris Farnsworth
Alec Fatherree
Aaron Gillespie
David Hart
Jason Ho
Robert “Bob” Holt
Morgan Jeske
Robin Kimball
Daniel Kirsch
Cathy Leamy
Andrew Leslie
Kenneth Liu
Randi Mason
Bruce McCorkindale
Christopher Murphy
Steve Pheley
William Schlimme
Scott Slemons
Anthony Smith
Brian Sotak
Jeff Stolarcyk
Samuel Thomasson
Jason Urbanciz
Randall Williams
David Wolkin
Kurt Young
Victoria “Vicki” Yuen

And as far as the three recipients of the The Loneliest Astronauts prints: Tim Bishop, Bob Holt and Scott Slemmons will be getting emails from us soon. A sincere, big, warm, wet “thank you” to everyone who donated and if you feel like you want to throw us some money any time, the donate page is right here.

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We’d Appreciate Your Help

Hey, sovaldi everyone. We’ve just paid our 2012 hosting fees and let me tell you, here Agreeable Comics is in the red at the moment something awful. We recently had to move over to private hosting due to the amount of databasing and file hosting we do and what was something that was pretty easy to write off ($10 a month) jumped up dramatically ($40 a month.) We’ve worked hard to keep Agreeable Comics ad-free with our shop serving as a nice buffer, site but such a large lump sum ($500) at once is more difficult than we’d like to admit.

If you enjoy Agreeable Comics and can give even $5, click here. Thank you very much!

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A Facebook Thing.

HEY DO US A FAVOR. If you’ve liked Agreeable Comics on Facebook, buy cialis go to http://www.facebook.com/agreeablecomics and mouseover the “Liked” button. Make sure that it has “Show In News Feed” checked. This way it, you know, actually ensures that you see our posts there. It’s a way around Facebook’s odious new promoted posts system and it ensures that you get updates!

And if you’ve not liked Agreeable Comics on Facebook, click here and do so. And then do the above thing.

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This weekend.

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Promotional Art by T.J. Kirsch

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Now on Google Plus.

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NYCC 2011

Agreeable Comics will not have a table at this year’s New York Comic Con, decease but creators Benjamin Birdie, stuff Kevin Church, discount Ming Doyle, T. J. Kirsch and Sandra Lanz will all be attending as people with feet and a badge. No plans have been made for a meet-up or anything, but if you see any of us, don’t be afraid to stop and say hi. Since we work on webcomics, we rarely get to interact with the readers.

I mean, outside of that one protest, but we won’t talk about that.

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This Saturday: MICE in Cambridge, MA

Come to the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo this Saturday, here 10AM to 6PM — you’ll get a chance to buy some Agreeable Comics, and and see both Kevin Church and Ming Doyle on panels! (Ming’s doing one on superhero fashion, Kevin’s doing one on digital comics. In addition to that, the newest Agreeable Artist Acquisition, Sandra Lanz, should be around for you to tell her what a good job she’s done on Did You See Me Coming? so far.

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A Reminder: We’re On Tumblr!

Just click here and then click “Follow.”

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