After a few false starts, stuff I’ve decided to cancel work on Veronica Gomez: Shaolin Line Cook for the time being. Enthusiasm got the better of myself and artist Brandon Dawley and despite a lot of love being poured into the project, view it just didn’t seem to gel in the way we envisioned. I’d like take a second to personally apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the strip and thank them for their support.

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COMING SOON: Veronica Gomez: Shaolin Line Cook

Brandon Dawley and myself have been working at this for a while now and the first installment should debut in the next few weeks. Why have I been teasing it so far in advance? Because I’m really proud of what Dawley and I have put together, medical as it’s not like anything else I’ve done before. It’s an all-ages science fiction martial arts adventure with romance and derring-do, ed featuring the usual better-than-mediocre quality you’ve come to accept from the staff at Agreeable Comics. I’m sure I’ll do a splashier announcement in the near future, but hopefully this will tide you over until then.

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