Kevin Says:
One day, pharmacy my Lydia collaborator Max emailed me out of the blue from the Center For Cartoon Studies up in Vermont and told me we were getting the band back together. Since there were only two of us in the band to begin with, I sort of had to go along with his plot. We started kicking around ideas and eventually we hit on it: why not do a sequel to our first series, but instead of following Lydia (who’s quite happy over in The Rack,) why not check in with what’s happened in the life that series’ antagonist, Ashley? So, I wrote a bible up and Max didn’t complain, so here we are.

In other words, if you’ve not read Lydia, then you should do so. here’s a link to the beginning of that strip. There is also a collection that you can purchase that features an additional 22-page story that Max and I are very proud of. No, that story is not available anywhere else.

Also, Lydia readers will notice this comic’s in color. That’s because Max told me about this Rick Hiltbrunner cat and boy, howdy, the palette he came up with is just about perfect for what we’re doing here. Never underestimate what a good colorist can do for you.

We know that we could be making Zombie Bacon My Little Pony Gamer Comics and get a bigger audience, but this is the story we want to tell, in a world we like telling stories in.

Thanks for reading and we’d appreciate it if you chose to share it with your friends.