High and Low

Kevin Says:
One more reminder and I swear, buy cialis I’ll stop: Boston Comic-Con this weekend. Me + Ming and junk you can take for free and stuff you can buy for cash money.

Ming Says:

I HAVE JUST PURCHASED YOUR FREE CANDY which you can grab in addition to the other free stuff and the for sale stuff. Come on by, it’ll be sweet!

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  1. Nick Sermuksnis

    Hey guys.

    I met you briefly at the Comic Con today and 1) Ming Doyle, your artwork is a sight to behold and 2) from what I can tell by these two strips you’re a hilarious and gifted writer Kevin Church.

    Keep up the good work, you two!

  2. Anthony Reed

    I too was pointed here by a postcard I picked up at BCC today. This will be going in my feed reader. Can’t wait to keep checking this comic out.

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