Forever Voyaging: Part Eight

Kevin Says:
Thanks to each and every one of you who came out for Free Comic Book Day. It was great meeting you guys and it was even better selling you our book. Yes, sales we’re thinking about a second volume, but we want to make it something really, really special so it will probably be after Heroes before we can sit down and work out what we want versus what we can get by with charging you guys.

Also, this is what happens when Ming and I sit next to each other for eight hours. I start demanding things like “Tony Stark as a Japanese schoolgirl.”

I am pretty, pretty sure I can sell this to the “specialist” market for tens of dozens of dollars.

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  1. Ming Doyle

    I really like the new balloon style, Kevin! And oh my vodka I am sorry for that thing I did with Tony. It was very wrong.

    “~Stark Contrast~: The fragrance of Tony Stark’s head on a woman’s body.”

  2. Cathy

    Seconded! Those new word balloons are gorgeous and subtle.

  3. Gustav

    This comic has gone off the rails in the best way. I’m loving the palette changes for the various locales too.

  4. dxVxb

    still my most eagerly waited for comic in the universe!

  5. dingman

    The strip is looking great, you guys! Sassy Stark, however…*shudder* *twitch*

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