Forever Voyaging: Part Seven

Kevin Says:
Hey-o, order all. Isn’t that a humdinger of a ballyhoo Ming drew for you guys? You should appreciate her work. With money. If only there were a way to do th–

We’re going to have this print on sale at this weekend’s Boston Comic-Con for $25. It’s printed on 110# Mohawk felt paper and it is strictly limited. There are only going to be 25 of these available to the public, with Ming and I each receiving one for our personal vaults. They will be numbered because that seems like the sort of thing you should do. If there are any left over after the show, we’ll have them available in the Agreeable Comics Shop. Here’s a couple of detail photos so you can ogle the fine, fine craftsmanship we put into this piece for you.

The Agreeable Comics table will be in Artist’s Alley, tables 101 and 102. Bring cash. Or booze. Wait. Cash and booze.

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  1. Andrew Weiss

    I couldn’t love this comic more if it was made out of Swedish fish.

  2. chrishaley

    I hope there are none of those left after the show, but .. you know.. I hope there are some left.

  3. Ming Doyle

    Thanks tons, guys! And we’ll keep you ultra updated with our financial failure vs. success ratio, Chris. ;P

  4. Jeff Stolarcyk

    What Chris said.

    Also, is Steve’s assumption that “G’tak” is homophobic in and of itself homophobic? Maybe? I don’t know.

  5. Robin K.

    ohh. Those detail shots on the posters look so lush! I HOPE YOU SELL THEM ALL and MAKE ALL THE MONEY.

  6. Mathew Digges

    Manoman, those prints are beautiful. Also, I think “Hey, um, is one of those swords for me?” is one of the best panels ever.

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