GUEST STRIP by Cathy Leamy

Kevin Says:
Cathy Leamy is one of my better friends and an amazing cartoonist in her own right. I was thrilled when she came up with this idea for her The Loneliest Astronauts strip. I was even more thrilled when she included a PDF that allows you, site the Loyalest Astrophiles, buy cialis to download and print out Dan and Steve for adventures at your desk, in your home or even on the road!

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  1. Scott Stead

    Just wanted to thank you for all the comics this year. I found one of your postcards in the Crepe Shop at Davis Sq in Boston and I’m glad I discovered your strip! Good luck next year and keep it up!


  2. dxVxb

    Oh man Iv had the “‘will be back” strip as my wallpaper foreveer!! getting clossser…

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