GUEST STRIP by Cathy Leamy

Kevin Says:
Cathy Leamy is one of my better friends and an amazing cartoonist in her own right. I was thrilled when she came up with this idea for her The Loneliest Astronauts strip. I was even more thrilled when she included a PDF that allows you, the Loyalest Astrophiles, to download and print out Dan and Steve for adventures at your desk, in your home or even on the road!

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  1. Scott Stead

    Just wanted to thank you for all the comics this year. I found one of your postcards in the Crepe Shop at Davis Sq in Boston and I’m glad I discovered your strip! Good luck next year and keep it up!


  2. dxVxb

    Oh man Iv had the “‘will be back” strip as my wallpaper foreveer!! getting clossser…

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