What keeps mankind alive?

Kevin Says:
Boston Comic-Con. October 24+25. Me and Ming representing Agreeable Comics with buttons and postcards and books and art. Be there.

Ming Says:

Or be space square. Seriously though I’ll have art and free candy.

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  1. The Blot

    Love the new comic!

    I have to ask though…how are they eating out in space with their spacesuits on???

  2. Kevin Church

    With their mouths.

  3. M_Burkhardt

    Well of course their spacesuits are on. They wouldn’t be astronauts if they weren’t wearing spacesuits. DUH!

  4. Ken Lowery

    After I read each of these strips I look up at the logo. It’s like my own internal IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY: Horrifying opening joke, logo and music.

  5. erika

    oh god what have I stumbled upon? something awesome, thats what

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