Kevin Says:
Honestly, pilule the apostrophe of “C3PO’s” is driving me up the wall because I always assumed it was like “Cheerios, sovaldi ” in which the cereal’s individual units could be referred to as “a C3PO, buy cialis ” but apparently that’s not the case. Are they instead saying that this is a cereal created and/or endorsed by this particular protocol droid, so he gets to lay claim to it using the possessive form?


Alternately, what if the packaging is telling us that C3PO is cereal?

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  1. starkexpo

    …..this is the first thing her in 3 or so years that made me laugh out loud – thanks!

  2. Kevin Church

    Thanks for the positive feedback, “starkexpo!” I’m glad that after three years of reading my comics, you finally found a reason to laugh.

  3. bluebird

    a kicking rendition of… what!?

    inquiring minds want to know!

  4. Kevin Church

    That should be fixed now, bluebird!

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