Feelings Gone

Kevin Says:
I keep forgetting to mention this, ampoule but The Loneliest Astronauts team of Ming Doyle and myself are going to be sitting at an Agreeable Comics table during the forthcoming Boston Comic-Con, ambulance October 24 + 25. There’s going to be postcards and buttons for The Rack, She Died In Terrebonne and The Loneliest Astronauts, along with copies of The Rack: Year One (Mostly) to buy. Ming will probably be doing some art stuff: I have ensured there is space on the new The Loneliest Astronauts cards for Ming to doodle you up something at the very least.

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  1. James Plumb

    sigh, already I want a Loneliest Astronaut movie, kinda like Wes Anderson directing Dark Star…

  2. Mark Clapham

    I feel bad about laughing at that.

  3. MrLich

    This series is already so very full of win. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  4. The Retroist

    Interesting name to choose, Beverly Gilmore. Is that a real person that I don’t know?

  5. szcf

    they’ve been there for a year aLready??good thing they survived to make aLL of us Laugh.. =p

  6. max

    this reminds me of the xtacles

  7. Fish

    God I love this comic.

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