“Also Sprach Zarathustra” by Eric Canete

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Kevin Says:
Very, very special thanks to Eric Canete for the surprise that Ming and I received in email earlier this week. You’ve likely seen Eric’s work in The Amazing Spider-Man, New Avengers: Luke Cage and Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin along with a healthy selection of indie titles like The End League. As you can tell by his art, he’s an extraordinarily energetic person who’s generous with his time and attention.

Ming Says:
Eric is incredibly generous and supportive, and I am completely bowled over and grateful for this mind-blowingly beautiful, out of the blue gift. Kevin and I couldn’t be happier to add this gorgeous strip to our TLA guest art vault! It’s a gem from an amazingly kind and just outright amazing creator.

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  1. Doktor Andy




  2. aaron

    haha, i actually knew what the song was from the notes! that’s such a great idea, not many songs you could pull that off with.

  3. dawlism


  4. Dave Park

    Incredibly clever.

  5. Courtney Coombs

    I actually own Enter the Mandarin, picked it up mostly because of the art.

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