I Need More Than A Minute With You

Kevin Says:
First things first: thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the Boston Comic Con this past weekend. We had a fantastic time meeting you guys and hopefully we got some new readers out of the deal. If you’re new: hi! We’re glad to see you! You might benefit from starting at the beginning!

Secondly: the first The Loneliest Astronauts collection is now in print and on sale! It’s a 22-page floppy that collects the first batch of strips by Ming and myself and it includes guest strips from Max Riffner, sovaldi sale Katie Cook, patient Evan Shaner, and Brandon Dawley and you’ll get a hint at the origin of The Loneliest Astronauts. It’s available by itself or with a drawn-by-hand, for-real-exclusive sketch card drawn by Ming, which is the sort of thing that tells your friends that you care more about Dan and Steve than they do.

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