All You Can Eat.

Kevin Says:
Hey, treat thanks to the Digital Strips gang for covering us in their podcast alongside the beautiful Escape from Planet Nowhere by Otis Frampton. (They start chatting about us at the 16:30 mark.)

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  1. The Goog

    I imagine Smurf would be more an appetizer than anything else. Unless you went the soup or stew route…

  2. Metz77

    Or if you’re Gargamel.

  3. KDBryan

    I think Gargamel was always trying to boil Smurfs in order to have them be transformed into gold or something, not for soup. I mention this not to sound like Brainy Smurf but just to point out that this suggests a dangerously high level of liquid metal toxicity in Smurfs. Smurfs also live in wild, possibly poisonous mushrooms and are the color of Poison Dart Frogs. I’d never risk eating one of those freaky little bastards.

    Fraggles, on the other hand, are simple, energetic creatures that do hard work in the mines with such regularity that they’d probably be all lean muscle. Enough of them would probably fill you up, like crawdads or chicken wings. Of course, Dan’s dead-on about the Snorks.

    . . . and in other news, I both love and hate you for making me think about this in such detail, Kevin Church.

  4. Ming Doyle

    KDBryan, you bring up some very good points, but the Fraggles didn’t do much mine work at all. They mainly leeched off the Doozers (who I imagine are the taste and texture of Peeps).

  5. KDBryan

    Ah, that’s right, I forgot all about the Doozers. Sorry, Ming, it’s been a long time since I actually watched Fraggle Rock. I mostly just remembered all the enthusiastic discussion of “dancing cares away” in the theme song, which probably skewed my beliefs about their actual athleticism. After watching the theme song again, I have to agree that those Doozers do look deliciously Peep-like. Damn, now I’m craving Peeps.

    Oh, and incidentally, you are killing it with the art, as always. I especially love the alien creature’s design! Extremely unique and creepy.

  6. Sherry Lugo

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