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Kevin Says:
For some reason or another, search I’m spectacularly sluggish on updating the sidebars for my comics, here so I’m going to use this as an opportunity to give shout-outs to comics that link to us and happen to be very good (as they are not written by me.)

Gunshow by KC Green is blackly funny, absurd, and usually pretty vulgar. It, of course, deserves every bit of praise it gets, with The Anime Club in particular serving as an example of Montell Jordan’s motto of “This is how you do it.” I also just got my hands on the first print collection of KC’s quasiautobio comic Horribleville and think that’s the bee’s knees, too.

Danny Lewis’s No One Believes In Monsters is very amateurish, but there’s flashes of inspiration in there, particularly in the last few proper strips versus the beginning’s drawn-on-typing-paper aesthetic and overwritten scripts. (That was supposed to be encouraging and ended up being really mean, didn’t it? Someone tell Danny that I believe in him!)

Cleopatra In Space by Mike Maihack makes the rest of us look bad. Thanks, Mike! Really! (Seriously gorgeous, light-heartedspace adventure with Cleopatra and her cat.)

Lucid TV is now dead. It’s probably your fault.

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  1. Danny

    None taken, Kevin! I appreciate the shout-out, this is my first proper comic and it’s been a slow start, but it’s my way of learning my way around this stuff. I still have a ways to go, and its good to see your comments. Loving Astronauts and the direction its taking!

  2. Alin

    It made me spit my chewing-gum laughing.

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