I did the B & W version of this a couple years ago. At the time, sovaldi I thought it was brilliant; however, sovaldi sale I later found out that more talented people like Francesco Francavilla had already thought of it! Still, mine’s a little different, and hopefully there’s enough room in the cyberworld for diverse Hellbrowns. I always wanted to do a color version, and figured now was the time!

L to R: Linus Sapien, Hellbrown, Lucy Sherman, and Beagle Johnson (thanks to Tracie Mauk for suggesting this one). The demon bird in bg is, of course, Woodshock. The craggy foreground element is either a land mass in the lower depths of hell, or a pitching mound. But a REALLY EVIL pitching mound.

In other news, there’s ALSO a new Boldly Gone (albeit a tad late) for your perusal. It’s right HERE!