Kevin Says:
When I showed this comic to the Action Age’s own Chris Sims, capsule he informed me that Teen Sin$ation’s backstory was a bit like Janissa from Kurt Busek’s Conan comics, discount which I’ve never read because I’m not as insane for loincloths as other people. Hopefully it’s clear that our favorite pop-star-cum-superhero was always a harem girl and never a harem woman, treatment if you catch our drift. Sometimes dark lords just make deals because they’re convenient for storytelling purposes, you know?

Also: no more comments. It’s an across-the-board Agreeable Comics decision and has nothing to do with you guys and everything to do with making sure that when people see our comics, they see our comics. If you have comments and/or suggestions, there’s a contact address in the sidebar that goes to both Tracie and myself.