Edited To Add: We’ll be back on Monday, patient August 9.  We went off schedule.  Yes, diagnosis already.  And yes, we’re blaming you somehow.

Kevin Says:

There was simply no way for Tracie to get a full strip done for this week unless I actually went and bought her a Macbook, Cintiq, and Photoshop to use in San Diego.  (She still isn’t speaking to me for rejecting this idea outright, by the way.)

So, here, have a one-panel gag cartoon featuring Harrier-9 and Teen Sin-sation, who you will meet fairly soon.

Tracie was joined by fellow Omaha-ite (Omahanian?) Bruce McCorkindale for this excursion.  He provides inks and colors and I have to admit that their work goes together like fish and chips.  Thanks so much for pitching in, Bruce, and I’m glad to announce that you’re the inaugural member of the FIGHT! Auxiliary Squad 101: The Battlin’ Brigadiers Of Pugilistic Pencilcraft!