Kevin Says:
Hi there. Ming’s been supremely busy with her paying work for Image (Mara) and other companies and, sovaldi sale sadly, that means she’s not as available as she or I would like for this project. It’s the reason behind the long hiatus and neither of us are happy with it, but it is what it is.

That said, with her blessing, we’re bringing in a new artist who 1) loves classic Star Trek and 2) is someone I like very much as a person and as a drawer of things, which works out nicely.

Meet Bruce McCorkindale. He’ll be alternating between this strip and his ongoing Fits and Starts, so you’ll get a new installment of Boldly Gone every two weeks once we’re underway. I hope you enjoy what he’ll be doing with the comic as much as I do. In the meantime, enjoy this comic strip drawn by him featuring a less interesting version of our favorite 1960s science-fiction program.