Kevin Says:
…And a Happy Tuesday to you. Glad you’re back with us here at Boldly Gone. Some minor notes to be made.

First of all, prostate a huge “thank you” to Robot 6 and Reddit for both picking up on the strip and giving us that needed push out of drydock, and further thanks to all the various bloggers who’ve sent their readers our way. We appreciate your enthusiasm and hope to give you only the best in free, unauthorized Trek-based entertainment.

Second of all, here’s that magazine cover a bit bigger for your further scrutiny:

Chris Williams, who provided us with some models of the Mandela that we’ll be using more as the strip progresses, provided us with this striking image of the ship in orbit:

He was also kind enough to make it available in various wallpaper formats, including widescreen monitor, iPad or other tablet device and, of course, mobile phone. I use all three because I am a being of pure ego.

Finally, our friend Sloane Leong was kind of enough to doodle up Arlynn for us and I just realized we never posted that. So here, we’re posting that:

I think that’s it for this installment! Thanks for coming around, we’ll see you in a couple of weeks. As always, we encourage comments and sharing and have provided such functions for you below. Have a great fortnight!