Kevin Says:
Oh, decease hi there! We said we’d be back and here we are! Sorry it took a while — Ming got some for-real paying comic book work and we both needed a break on making webcomics together after The Loneliest Astronauts wrapped up. While I was writing several other ongoing strips and providing Americanization on Space Warped from BOOM! Studios, sovaldi she was busy getting pages for the sequel to her adaptation of Cynthia Leitch Smith’s Tantalize under her belt and drawing a story in a little-known comic book called Fantastic Four.

Anyway. We’re back, and biweekly. That means every two weeks. Unless something comes up. (Look, we’re not getting paid for this and we can’t take any money because we don’t own Star Trek, so we’re sure you understand, right? Right.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to tell your friends, neighbors, associates, etc about the strip! Thank you.